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Helpful Tips For Clearing Your Shipment

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For every country that you visit, there are particular sets of rules and regulations that you must observe, which are in accordance with their government’s laws. This is not only limited to foreign guests, but also to the items that are being shipped within their own borders. This is where customs clearance comes in. Here are some general tips on how to make your freight clearance less hassle and less troublesome.

Documentation must be in order

There are a variety of documents and papers that are required by different governments when you bring in goods into a country. At the very least, know which documents are required if customs are needed and put them in order. Have a checklist of all the documents that are required by the particular government regulations. If you have perishable items to ship, there may be additional documents that could be required, so take note of that ahead of time. However, never put these documents inside the items that you intend to ship. Be careful if such papers like invoices or statements get mixed up with the shipment. If you miss any papers, it is likely that you could experience serious delays with your customs clearance Perth airport, in which case you can always seek the help of a customs broker company.

Disclose everything

Whatever are in your shipment, whether it’s part of the goods you try to put in a business or a freebie, you must learn to declare it. These unpaid items also have to have the same treatment as other items part of the shipment. You must include everything on the invoice that you would be sending along with the shipment. List all items and never forget to miss any. Also double check the values in your invoice, as such errors could be cause of added charges.

Make honest declarations

A lot of people try to value their items lower than they original cost just to lower the taxes that would come along with it. However, it is not worth it risking for the customs to find this out, it could only result to a penalty, which could be worse than having to pay the original tax. Provide the exact quantity of the items, their true measurements if needed such as dimensions or mass. Declare the origin of the items as well. If you just remain truthful with your declarations along with a proper freight management Perth, you’d be just fine.

Just as with visiting other countries, your shipment should abide by the rules set by the country’s government. It may require some additional effort, but with proper management of the freight and the customs clearance requirements, then it will pay off in the end.